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Case Results

$1.75m Intersection Accident Our client sustained significant injuries when he was ejected from his car as a result of the accident.  After being life-flighted to a nearby trauma center, he spent weeks in the hospital rehabilitating.
$750k Confidential Settlement We recovered $750,000 for our client who suffered from burns to his body.
$300k Auto Accident Policy limits settlement of $300,000 for an automobile accident client who suffered fractured thoracic vertebrae along with injuries to his shoulder, which included a torn rotator cuff and his bicep muscle being torn away from his arm bone. The client underwent extensive shoulder surgery and made a full recovery. The severity of the rear-end impact totaled the client’s vehicle, pushing his trunk into the back seat of his car.
$300k Pedestrian Accident Policy limits pre-suit settlement of $300,000 recovered for the four children of a single mother, who was killed while standing on a pedestrian island in Buckhead while on her way to work. The woman was struck by two cars involved in a wreck with one another when the two cars jumped the curb and pinned the woman against a utility pole.
$250k Motorcycle Accident Policy limits, pre-suit settlement of $250,000 recovered for our client who was t-boned while riding his motorcycle to work. The client suffered a fractured tibia and fibula requiring surgical intervention, including the placement of a rod into his tibia and a plate and screws to his fibula. The client also underwent a second surgical procedure to place a skin graft over a non-healing section of his leg.
$100,000 DUI / Rear End Accident The at fault driver was charged with following too closely, distracted driving and DUI. Our client sustained a partially torn rotator cuff and underwent PT but no surgery. We conferred with our client’s doctor, obtained a written narrative of the need for potential future surgery and made a policy limits demand, meaning the maximum amount under the at fault driver’s insurance. The insurance company accepted our demand without us having to file suit.
$75k Auto Accident We recovered pre-suit policy limits of $75,000 for a client who was involved in a sideswipe motor vehicle accident on spaghetti junction. The client retained us after being dissatisfied with his prior attorneys. The carrier initially refused to pay limits, contending that the client’s injuries were minor. Through the thorough analysis of the client’s medical records, we convinced the carrier that the policy limits settlement was justified.
$50k Motor Vehicle Accident $50,000 pre-suit settlement recovered for our client who was rear-ended by a commercial motor vehicle. The impact was severe enough to shatter her back windshield. Client’s case was complicated by significant pre-existing conditions and debility. Through thorough evaluation and discussion of treatment and injuries with the at-fault carrier, the carrier agreed to pay a fair and reasonable settlement.
$50k Motorcycle Accident $50,000 combined liability and UM policy limits settlement obtained for client who was struck while riding her motorcycle. Client sustained a broken humerus bone and required surgical plating. At-fault driver contended client was at fault due to speeding.
$40k Assault $40,000 recovered for a client who was attacked and punched in the eye by a neighbor during a verbal altercation. A claim was brought against the neighbor and his homeowner's association. The carrier denied coverage for the claim. Through creative arguments, we convinced the carrier to pay a portion of the settlement as well as the neighbor.
Confidential Settlement Auto Accident Multi-million dollar settlement in an intersection crash involving a commercial driver who ran a red light while under the influence of marijuana. Our client has a closed head injury and had to be extricated from her car and life-flighted to a trauma center. She made a near full recovery.
Confidential Settlement Dog Bite Injury High six figure policy limit tender achieved when a neighbor’s dog bit our very young client in the face. The case was complicated by the fact that the dog was on a leash and our client was four years old at the time of the dog attack.
Confidential Settlement Auto Accident Multi six-figure settlement in relatively minor rear-end car wreck from which we were able to prove that our client had to undergo colon surgery as a result of a lap belt injury to his stomach.