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Car Accident

Posted In On February 8, 2021

The Do’s and Don’ts of Semi Truck Accidents

The Do’s and Dont’s of Semi Truck Accidents, Injuries and Claims You’ve had a truck accident that left you scarred physically, emotionally and financially. What you do next is critical to your recovery, so it’s important to know the do’s...
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Posted In On January 28, 2021

How Big Truck Crash Cases Differ from Car Wrecks

18-wheelers play a significant role in transporting goods and materials across the roads and highways of Georgia. Unfortunately, their job can quickly become your worst fear the moment the 53-feet long trailer crosses the median and into your lane. Accidents...
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Posted In On December 23, 2020

Injured by a delivery truck driver? Here’s what to do.

Amazon, FedEx, UPS and others have all answered customer calls and rising demands for more deliveries in less time. Lockdowns from the coronavirus pandemic only exacerbated the urgent desire to have those wish list items almost instantly. As things begin...
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Posted In On December 22, 2020

7 Delayed Car Accident Symptoms Not to Ignore

“Hey Siri - call 9-1-1.” You’re on the way to your daughter’s softball game from work. Maybe it’s your son’s piano recital. As you get a little closer to the venue, you see that traffic is gridlocked. Impatiently, you ask...
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Posted In On August 21, 2020

How to Handle Changing Rules and Regulations Around Police and Car Accidents

COVID-19 has changed our way of life in many ways, including how traffic incidents will be covered by law enforcement. The Atlanta Police Department announced weeks ago that they would not be investigating car crashes that had not resulted in...
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