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Bone Fracture Lawyer

Bone fractures or broken bones can happen in a variety of personal injury accidents. At Dermer Appel Ruder, our Gwinnett County bone fracture lawyers take pride in representing accident victims who are nursing broken bones and facing damages such as hospital bills, lost wages, and temporary disabilities. We will help you seek fair compensation for your fracture and related complications in Gwinnett County. Request your free consultation appointment today. Call (404) 892-8884!
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Fracture/Broken Bone Statistics

Millions of bone fractures occur each year. Worldwide, osteoporosis alone causes almost 9 million fracture injuries annually, or one every three seconds. The most common broken bone injuries are to the hips and vertebrae. Bone fractures occur more commonly in women than in men. Exercise and nutrition can help prevent bone fractures by keeping the bones strong. Many broken bone injury accidents, however, are impossible to avoid when someone else is negligent or reckless.

Types of Fractures

An important part of your bone fracture personal injury claim is identifying the type and severity of your injury, as well as how it will impact your life. Looking at medical records and physician’s statements can help prove to a judge and jury that your injury exists and that it is affecting your ability to work, live, and enjoy your life. Some of the most common types of bone fractures are as follows:

Our Gwinnett County bone fracture attorneys can handle cases involving all types of bone fracture injuries. We understand the value of broken bone cases at all levels, as well as the best ways to represent these clients for the best possible case results. No matter what type of bone break a doctor in Peachtree Corners has diagnosed you with, trust us with your claim.

Causes of Fractures

Anything that places undue stress or pressure on the bones can cause a fracture. Some scenarios, however, more commonly result in broken bone injuries than others. Data shows that vehicle collisions, sports incidents, falls, violence, and dog bites are some of the most common causes of fractures. Hip fractures are some of the most common serious injuries in fall accidents, as are fractures to the spinal cord. These are both serious injuries that deserve legal attention from a bone fracture lawyer.

Who Is Liable?

Our job as your personal injury law firm is to get to the bottom of who is at fault for your broken bone injury. We can accomplish this through an in-depth investigation of your accident, as well as gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and hiring experts to testify on your behalf. We can help you determine liability based on the facts and evidence in your case. Then, we’ll file your claim against the responsible party within the state’s two-year deadline.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

While you nurse your broken bone, take time off work, and spend time with your family after a personal injury accident, let our Gwinnett County bone fracture attorney handle the elements of your insurance and/or personal injury claim. If your suffered a broken bone as the result of a vehicle accident, we recommend speaking with one of our car wreck lawyers. Retaining an attorney means you can focus your attention on what matters most – not on complicated legal matters. The lawyers at Dermer Appel Ruder can walk you through every step of your broken bone claim, helping you maximize results.

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