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Rear-End Accident Attorney

Injured in a rear-end collision in Georgia? We can help. The Georgia car accident lawyers at Dermer Appel Ruder will work closely with you to build your case and develop a strong strategy in the pursuit of accident compensation. We know exactly how to handle these common accidents to the best advantage of clients. Contact us online to start with a free case evaluation, or call our office at (404) 892-8884!
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Defining a Rear-End Accident

If Driver A is driving in front of Driver B, a rear-end accident is one in which Driver A stops and Driver B collides into the back of Driver A’s vehicle. Driver B failing to pay attention, speeding, or tailgating could all result in him or her crashing into the rear of Driver A. Another possible cause of a rear-end collision is Driver A’s taillights being out, resulting in Driver B being unable to notice Driver A coming to a stop. Rear-end accidents often stem from driver distraction and negligence. They can cause serious injuries, including harm to the back and neck (such as whiplash). Prudent driving can almost always prevent a rear-end car accident.

Rear-End Accident Statistics

In 2015 (the most recent year data is available), there were an estimated 2,101,000 rear-end accidents in the U.S. These accidents caused 556,000 injuries and 2,203 deaths. Rear-end collisions are somewhat common in the busier parts of Georgia. They occur most often on busy, congested streets during hours of heavy traffic. Slow, stop-and-go traffic can increase the odds of distracted driving and “fender-benders.” Even low-speed rear-end accidents, however, can cause neck and back injuries.

The most common injury in a rear-end collision is whiplash. Whiplash occurs when the tendons in the neck suffer injury from the head “whipping” too quickly on the neck. The head falling forward and then back too quickly can damage the tendons, causing a painful and long-lasting neck injury. Whiplash can be disabling, forcing the victim to take time away from work in many situations. If you have lost wages, medical bills, and property damage from a rear-end accident in Georgia, discuss liability with our Georgia rear-end accident attorneys.

Who Is Liable?

In almost all rear-end collision cases, the driver in the back will be liable for damages. This is because the driver has a duty to maintain a safe and reasonable following distance in front of the vehicle. Following too closely is an act of negligence that can make it difficult or impossible to stop in time to avoid a collision in the event of the vehicle in front slowing down or stopping. If the rear driver maintains a safe and prudent speed, he or she can prevent a rear-end collision.

In Georgia, the party at fault for a car accident will be the one liable for damages. This is because Georgia is a “tort” state. The injured accident victim may need to prove the other driver’s fault and negligence to receive damages from that driver. It’s possible that someone other than the rear driver is liable for a rear-end collision, although such situations are rather uncommon. To sort out the details of your case, speak with one of our Georgia rear-end accident attorneys.

The front driver could at least share fault if he or she had a brake light out or engaged in dangerous practices such as “brake-checking” the other driver. It’s also possible that a third party such as a part manufacturer could also be liable. Georgia is a comparative fault state, meaning that more than one party can share fault for a single accident. An investigation can help determine fault and liability for a rear-end collision.

Why Choose Us as Your Lawyer?

Dermer Appel Ruder has an insider’s knowledge of insurance settlement negotiations and offers in the industry. We have more than 80 years of combined experience working as insurance defense lawyers. We know how insurers work and how difficult it can be to get a fair settlement from a rear-end collision. Our Georgia rear-end accident lawyers can put their extensive trial experience to work on behalf of clients, fighting aggressively for fair compensation. We’ll keep you informed and involved every step of the way.

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