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An Uber or Lyft accident might be the last thing on your mind when you hail an on-demand rideshare vehicle. Unfortunately, the driver responsible for your safety might not be worthy of your trust. The driver may look at his or her cellphone, fail to pay attention to the road, run a red light, speed, ignore rights-of-way, drive drunk, doze off, or make other mistakes that ultimately put you at risk.

Don’t try to litigate your ridesharing accident alone. The Gwinnett County ridesharing accident attorneys at Dermer Appel Ruder, LLC have everything you need to feel confident in your case. We can help you with your Uber/Lyft insurance claim. We’ll argue for the best possible settlement for your personal injuries and/or property damages, whether you were the rideshare passenger or a third party.

An insurance claim for a rideshare accident may look different than a standard car crash claim in Georgia. Hiring a lawyer can give you important information and insights into the claims process, improving the chances of receiving maximum compensation. Start your Uber/Lyft accident case by contacting us for a free consultation.

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How Can an Uber/Lyft Accident Lawyer Help?

A lawyer can do a lot behind the scenes on your behalf while you focus on your physical and emotional recovery after an accident. Your attorney can request copies of important documents such as police reports and medical records, as well as gather evidence relating to the crash such as photographs and eyewitness statements to build a case. Your lawyer can also take over insurance settlement negotiations for you, fighting for maximum compensation using aggressive legal tactics. Finally, a lawyer in Gwinnett County can take your rideshare accident case to court if he or she thinks it is necessary for maximum recovery.

Common Uber and Lyft Accident Injuries

An auto accident of any kind could inflict serious and life-changing injuries on victims. The forces exerted in a wreck can be enough to shatter bones, amputate limbs, and cause serious internal organ damage. At Dermer Appel Ruder, LLC, we assist clients with claims involving all types of Uber and Lyft accident injuries.

Our law firm can help clients with catastrophic injuries, including brain and spinal cord injuries. We also represent families during rideshare accident wrongful death claims in Gwinnett County. No matter what types of injuries you are dealing with after a rideshare accident, contact us for a free discussion about your rights and legal options.

Ridesharing Accident Statistics

Accident statistics are difficult to come by in the relatively new ridesharing industry. According to Who’s Driving You, however, Uber and Lyft have been involved in 51 passenger deaths, 98 alleged assaults by drivers, 18 alleged kidnappings, and 375 alleged sexual assaults. Misconduct and crimes committed by Uber and Lyft drivers could lead to company liability. It is the rideshare company’s job to hire and train competent drivers. Lax hiring procedures, background checks only as far back as seven years, and zero driver training are all examples of ways rideshare companies fail to ensure passenger safety.

Common Causes of Ridesharing Accidents

Rideshare collisions can stem from many of the same reasons as other auto accidents: driver negligence, unsafe roadways, bad weather, and failed vehicle parts. Uncovering the cause of your accident and injuries may take a full-scale investigation with help from our attorneys. We can investigate the crash, talk to eyewitnesses, vet the rideshare driver, access cell phone records, recreate the wreck, and take other steps to get to the bottom of what caused your crash. Then, our Gwinnett County ridesharing accident lawyers will help you file a claim against that party in pursuit of damages.

Determining Liability in a Ridesharing Accident

Liability is something all car accident victims must determine in the pursuit of financial compensation in Georgia. It refers to someone’s legal accountability for the crash. It is necessary to determine the at-fault party before filing your claim. A crash involving an Uber or Lyft driver could come down to the liability of a few different parties according to the circumstances. Here are potential options based on your status as a victim:

Is Rideshare Liability Different Than Taxicab Liability?

Uber and Lyft are not traditional taxicab companies. They are Transportation Network Companies, with entirely different business structures, laws, and rules. Liability for rideshare accidents looks different than liability for taxi collisions. While a taxi company will be vicariously responsible for its drivers, Uber and Lyft classify their drivers as independent contractors. This protects the companies from vicarious liability and places legal responsibility with the individual driver instead. As an injured rider, however, the rideshare company’s insurance policy may cover your damages.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

Our Gwinnett County accident attorneys can immediately begin work on your case, working hard to come up with solutions to the unique legal challenges that come with rideshare collisions. We’ll partner with you on your case, walking you through the legal process and helping you obtain a positive outcome. Trust us with your rideshare accident case and experience the Dermer Appel Ruder, LLC difference.

Ridesharing has become a prominent part of modern-day life, with Uber and Lyft at the top of the industry. While it may provide a cheaper and more convenient alternative to the traditional taxi, ridesharing isn’t perfect. Rideshare companies and their drivers can take part in acts of negligence that lead to serious auto accidents, injuries, and deaths. So far, Uber and Lyft have set a precedent of trying to escape liability for crashes that their drivers cause.

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