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Burn injuries destroy the flesh, but their long-term impacts can reach much deeper. Many burn injury survivors suffer from severe post-traumatic stress disorder, psychological distress, and emotional suffering from their permanent disabilities or disfigurements. Infections, amputations, permanent scarring, surgeries, skin grafts, and rehabilitation are common outcomes of serious burn injuries.

Contact a Gwinnett County burn injury lawyer at the law firm of Dermer Appel Ruder if you or a loved one have suffered a bad burn injury. We offer a free case evaluation to review your case and give you legal advice. We’ll help you identify the defendant and pursue fair compensation.

The Different Degrees of Burn Injuries

Burns can arise from contact with heat (thermal burns), electricity (electric burns), acid or base chemicals (chemical burns), or sources of radiation such as the sun or x-ray machines (radiation burns). A “burn” is the damaging of the dermis and/or the lower layers of the skin and underlying tendons and muscle tissue, from contact with an element that singes or destroys the skin. Physicians classify burn injuries into three main categories, depending on their severity:

  1. First-degree: A first-degree burn affects only the uppermost layer of the skin. It will not cause blistering or scarring. First-degree burns may only require emergency medical treatment if they cover a large area of the body or occur on vulnerable areas such as the face.
  2. Second-degree: This type of burn damages tissues deeper than the outer layer, into the dermis. It might result in blisters, as well as shiny, red, and swollen skin that hurts to the touch. A deep partial thickness second-degree burn is serious and may cause permanent scarring.
  3. Third-degree: The most severe burn degree describes a “full-thickness” burn, in which it destroys the first two layers of skin and may impact the deeper muscle tissues. The skin may appear black or white. Third-degree burns won’t hurt at first, because they destroy the nerve endings. Third-degree burns will leave permanent scars.

If you aren’t sure how serious your burn injury is, go to the hospital. Serious burns require professional medical attention to prevent serious complications such as infection and sepsis. Prompt medical care can also help minimize the lasting damage to your body and health. When in doubt, go to the doctor.

In the case of a wrongful death due to burn injuries, we will fight for justice and maximum compensation for you and your family members.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Our Gwinnett County personal injury lawyers recognize that the most common causes of burn injuries relate to the negligence and carelessness of others. A reckless driver, careless product manufacturer, or negligent employer could be the reason a preventable burn injury happens. Burns most often arise from car accidents, motorcycle accidents, fires, explosions, scalds at home, exposure to dangerous chemicals, hot metals, defective products, or ultraviolet light. No matter what caused your burn injury, discuss your case with our burn injury attorneys.

Determining Liability for Burn Injuries

“Liability,” or legal responsibility, for a burn injury will depend upon the factors leading up to the victim’s accident. The location of the accident and the parties involved can determine liability. If you experienced an electrocution while working at a construction site, for example, your employer and/or the property owner could be liable for your injuries. If a water heater exploded in your home, the manufacturer of the product might be liable. In any situation in which someone reasonably could have prevented your burns yet failed to do so, that person might be responsible for repaying your damages.

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